Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Matters of the heart

Have you ever had the biggest crush in the world on someone? Like a boy (or a girl, for the guys)? And he's the picture of virtue and perfection? You can't even see him in your mind's eye without that ornate marble pedestal he seems to have been born on.

You gawk at him, not too subtly at times, wide eyed and drooling at his beauty and grace. You try to imagine how it feels to exist as he does, with everyone either wanting to be him or be with him. He seems to move in movie like slow motion, gliding on the strip of air just above the ground on which we, mere mortals, tread on.

And when you really think about it (I may have, a little too much), he must be a descendant of the Greek gods of Olympus. His god-father set him to earth to learn how to be responsible, but you know he was sent here to save you, that is if he doesn't kill you softly with his heart stopping smouldering glance.

You've neither spoken to him nor heard him speak. Only the sound of his laughter, like the rolling thunder in the distance have you heard. And so you imagine his voice will be like a perfectly orchestrated symphony. You long for the day the heavens will caress your eardrums with that gloriously melodious voice.

But alas, the paint cracks and falls off the walls. And the glass breaks as the scales fall from your eyes. Your expression of awe turns to one of incredulity and the beautiful background music halts!! You are sadly brought down to earth, to the place that's the extreme opposite of Mt. Olympus. He spoke to you and it was not what you expected. 

It's not his voice, it's fine...perfectly ordinary. It's what he said...or how he said it? You realise you might have built a castle in your head, whose  mere foundations couldn't even be dug in real life. He just couldn't meet the expectations in you had for him. Later that day find yourself in conversation with this boy and you are thinking, 'This is the boy!! This is the guy?' You look up to the sky while giving him those furtive glances you ask the heavens, 'Really?' You shake your head, for you had lost time in your waking (and dreaming) hours living in fantasies that are just embarrassing when you remember them in light of recent revelations about said crush.

Such is love, or lack thereof. When you wish you'd just held on to his mystery for a little while longer, maybe till the weekend because you have nothing exciting to look forward to. But now, even that is gone. Life's colours are drained and it's back to mundane existence.

 Mundane existence has it's high points, though. I was able to concentrate on other things in life and noticed how beautiful this morning was. Enjoy the pretty sky lights.


  1. this is so Daisy of you. I like though

  2. Not saying much about your style which is heavenly & should not be spoken much of but simply adored, so much for a crush!